At 500 yards, there’s just 2″ separating them. As an aside, a quick comparison between the 6.5 PRC and the 6.5 Creedmoor—today’s single most popular centerfire cartridge—is called for. Posted by 3 months ago. The author used the .300 PRC to take this Roland Ward reedbuck in South Africa. We examine the history of these cartridges and compare them side-by-side in several categories that are important to hunters and sport shooters. So, you’ll probably still be able to find 300 PRC ammo on shelves when people are buying everything else. The Big Game Hunting Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, and other Amazon stores worldwide. 300 win mag you can usually find that ammo anywhere. 53 votes. for a 10-mph crosswind at that distance. However, just to give you an idea of the benefits of the 300 PRC over the .300 Win Mag at long range, consider this: the .300 Win Mag has 20″ (~8%) more bullet drop at 1,000 yards and 96″ (12%) more bullet drop at 1,500 yards with a 200 yard zero. The advantage to this round is the ballistics are nearly identical to the .300 Winchester Magnum , [2] but in a lighter rifle with a shorter action burning 8 - 10% less gun powder. 0. If it were me I'd probably look at the 6.5 PRC instead though. Hornady’s Precision Hunter line of ammunition is specifically designed for long range hunting. Unlike the .300 Win Mag, there aren’t many options for factory 300 PRC hunting ammo right now. You are not saving any overall weight going with a 300 wsm over a 300 PRC since action lengths are the same in a Tikka. At the same time, the 300 PRC has a longer case neck than the .300 Win Mag (.3076″ vs .264″). To accomplish that mission, designers at Hornady decided to think outside the box. I built three rifles with 26″ barrels, and developed loads for each rifle. Of the two cartridges though, the .300 Win Mag is still by far the most popular with hunters. For that reason, you can be forgiven for wondering why we need another .30 caliber magnum cartridge and what advantages the 300 PRC offers compared to those older cartridges. They still had 300 PRC on the shelf. The cartridge has received a lot of hype recently, but do you really need one? I would be curious to hear from anyone on here that has actual first hand knowledge shooting either rifle. Mail This Product. In fact, due in part to the fact that it has a long head height, the 300 PRC has a pretty long overall length. to the 300 PRC, it needs to be clearly understood that the 300 PRC is first and foremost a long-range target round while the .300 Win. Finished rifles will be around 0.75 inch shorter in the action, and barrels can be a short 22 inches and still provide full propellant burn. Buy some excellent 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge hunting ammo here. Like the 300 Norma Mag, the 300 PRC cartridge is a non-belted magnum. This has been like listening to Nancy Pelosi argue with Ozzy Osborne. Thanks Leigh, He Leigh. Calibre 6.5 PRC Calibre 6.5x55 Swedish Calibre 6mm Creedmoor calibre 7,62x25 calibre 7,62x39 calibre 7,62x54 calibre 7mm Rem Magnum ... Boite de 20 balles de marque Barnes Vor-tx, calibre 300 WSM, 165gr, Tipped TSX BT #21536 BB300WSM2 Federal Fusion 300 wsm 180gr: Prix: 59.99$ Boite de 20 balles de marque Federal Fusion 300WSM 180gr SKU: F300WSMFS2 Federal Fusion 300 WSM, 165 G … This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to create free content that’s useful to hunters like yourself. Again, the 300 PRC and 7 SAUM are still popular cartridge choices among those in the top 25. Over-the-counter volume will maintain at a certain level, but it will likely never press against the big three noted above. Those specific figures were taken from the Hornady reloading handbook and represent a maximum powder load for each cartridge with a 225gr ELD Match bullet. Mag. Head height is the amount of space available for the bullet outside the case while staying within SAAMI specifications for the cartridge. The 300 PRC also has a smaller freebore diameter than the .300 Win Mag. I recommend a 7mm/300 wsm. 300 WSM: 6.5 PRC: 2.950″ 00100-0008: DSSF 7RD.97: 3.055: 4.64: 300 WSM: 6.5 PRC: 2.950″ Additional information. It’s a wonderful cartridge for long range precision shooting and I can certainly understand why somebody who used the cartridge for that sort of work would also want to take a 300 PRC afield. .300 WSM vs. .280 Ackley Improved. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Donc, la 300 WSM restera bien sur le marché en Europe et remplaçera petit a petit l’ancienne cartouche 300 win mag. Thanks for your comment. Good Luck I’d be willing to bet a fair number of people on here have experience shooting 300 Win. Close. The .300 Winchester Magnum and 300 WSM (along with the .30-30 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Remington Ultra Magnum, .300 Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum, 300 PRC, and .300 Weatherby) use the same .30 caliber bullets. Instead of being based upon one of the century-old British dangerous game cartridges, the 300 PRC is based upon the unique and original .375 Ruger case. 300 WM vs 300 PRC vs 30 Nosler. That’s saying something too because the .300 Win Mag is known for having a relatively stout recoil itself. Reactions: Timberhorn. As previously stated, both cartridges have the same .532″ case head diameter. The big gun and ammunition companies have responded to that demand in kind. Is the .300 PRC smoke and mirrors or the REAL DEAL? 6.5 PRC vs 6.5 Creedmoor. Hornady advertises that the cartridge was designed from the start to use heavy for caliber, extremely aerodynamic bullets that deliver excellent performance at long range. If you really enjoy shooting at longer range, then the inherent accuracy of the cartridge and the fact that it’s designed to use very heavy, high BC bullets are both compelling arguments in favor of the 300 PRC. Hard to beat the .300 Win Mag, as it has been proving itself for many years and this new .300 PRC really doesn't offer anything different like the 6.5 Creedmoor does other than maybe seating longer bullets easier, but US hunters like the 180gr in .30 cal, so it won't much matter. 300 PRC vs 300 Weatherby. SUBSCRIBE. Create New Wish List . It bettered the velocity of the benchmark .30-06 Springfield by over 200 fps, yet could fit in a standard long action. The 300 Win. Alex Joseph-July 26, 2019. Basically, the 300 PRC is capable of firing a heavier, more aerodynamic bullet at virtually the same velocity attained by the .300 Win Mag when using lighter bullets. This meant a maximum overall length of 3.34″. 300 PRC. Even so, the ammo selection for the cartridge will almost certainly improve in the future if the cartridge continues to grow in popularity. Plains game 600 to 1000 meters and bush could be anything as you know. .300 Winchester Short Magnum (also known as .300 WSM) is a .30 caliber rebated rim bottlenecked centerfire short magnum cartridge that was introduced in 2001 by Winchester. I also tested a few select factory ammo offerings in each. 300 PRC and .300 Win Mag factory loads generally have similar muzzle velocities, but the 300 PRC shoots a heavier bullet with a higher BC. ITEM CAP W L H .CAL .CAL MAX OAL 00100- … Felt recoil will vary from shooter to shooter and rifle to rifle, but free recoil energy is still a useful way to compare cartridges. To me, the .270 is a better bet for hunting than the 6.5. As you can see, the two cartridges have virtually the same muzzle velocity, but the 300 PRC shoots a heavier and more aerodynamic bullet. Additionally, I recorded an entire podcast episode on this exact subject. Comments Required Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Add to Wish List. It’s also offers match grade accuracy. So how does the 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge stack up next to the .300 Winchester Magnum? The cartridge, along with 6.5 PRC (also descended from the .375 Ruger), received formal SAAMI approval later that year. Joined Mar … John. You might ask, “Why didn’t they just use a 7 WSM?” Great question! Even in a Tikka a 300 PRC handloaded to an OAL to fit the action of 3.4” is going to outperform a 300wsm loaded long and a 300 WM in all bullet weights. In fact, the .300 Winchester Magnum is probably the better all around choice for most hunters. The .300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) is the most popular and widely distributed of the modern crop of short magnum cartridges in terms of both factory loaded ammunition and rifles available. Name Email Required. While the 300 PRC was purpose built for long range shooting, the .300 Win Mag was primarily designed for hunters. 300 Weatherby Magnum vs 300 PRC. 14 votes. Share On Facebook. This results in a relatively short .72” head height for the .300 Win Mag vs a much longer 1.12″ head height for the .300 PRC. You probably have saved the 300 wsm brass. For serious target shooters, this is a concern. This is especially true considering the lack of 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge ammo choices at this point. The table below compares a couple of handloads that approximate the performance of the factory loads given above when fired from identical Christensen Arms Mesa rifles. The best I can do with my 300 WSM is 3040 fps with the Hornady 178 ELD-X. All are welcome. If you reload for the Creedmoor and you shoot factory in the PRC then the 6.5 Creedmoor will leave it in the dust. For the 300 win the only new case I had was a Lapua head stamp. Get a Leupold VX-5HD scope with a CDS dial and match it to your preferred load for the 300 PRC. At 3.7″ long, it’s actually too big to fit in a standard length action rifle. 28.6%. I myself am wondering what is more practical on the side of reloading, hunting, distance shooting. save. It fits actions designed for 30-06-length cartridges. The author used the .300 PRC to take this Roland Ward reedbuck in South Africa. Since the two cartridges use the same diameter barrel, throat erosion occurs a little faster with the 300 PRC because it has a little bit more case capacity. 300 PRC vs 300 Win Mag. The .300 WSM also head spaces off its case shoulder versus the older 300 Winchester Magnum's belted head space engineered design. My plan would be to use the rifle for deer/elk. For that reason, it combines incredible accuracy with consistent performance across a wide range of impact velocities. I’m sure more companies will start manufacturing 300 PRC hunting ammo options in the near future and I’ll update the list as more manufacturers start producing ammo for the cartridge. Specifically, maximum handloads published by Hornady show a velocity of 2,875fps with a 220 grain ELD-X bullet and a velocity of 2,700fps with a 250 grain A-Tip Match bullet. The increase in length of the .300 WM over the .300 WSM is greater than the increased wideness of the case of the .300 WSM. It's pretty close to the 280 Ackley and since you're a reloader, obtaining ammo won't be an issue. The .300 PRC doesn't limit you,” Thielen said. My son has one in a Winchester Model 70 EWSS. If you are in the “I will … We’ll discuss this more later, but to calculate head height, subtract the case length of the cartridge from the maximum overall length. The deer raise hell in my garden all season so pay back it is. Mag. 300 PRC vs 300 Weatherby So I'm looking at getting a new rifle chambered in either 300 Weatherby Magnum or 300 PRC. Though the .30-06 was and is a great option for many uses, hunters and shooters looking for more power or better long range performance have flocked towards the various .30 caliber magnum cartridges for many decades. The biggest advantage of the 300 PRC is the fact that it’s specifically designed to use those really aerodynamic bullets. Or so goes the advertising hype. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Since this requires a faster rifling twist (especially at lower elevation), I think you’re generally going with a 1:8″ twist rate. The 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge does have a pretty dedicated following, but it’s not extremely popular in absolute terms and can’t certainly hold a candle to more established cartridges like the .270 Winchester or .30-06. The 300 PRC is a very well designed cartridge that offers some real advantages to long range shooters and fills an important niche among the various .30 caliber magnum cartridges. It has slightly less powder capacity than the standard length .300 Winchester Magnum. The .300 WSM was the first of Winchesters short magnum family, released in 2001. The Hornady .300 PRC required a come-up of 34 m.o.a. Therefore, 300 PRC has a slightly flatter trajectory, a little more retained energy, less wind drift, and somewhat more recoil than the 300 Win Mag. A longtime favorite among the precision rifle community, the WSM and SAUM line of cartridges are able be ran reliably from the Accurate Mag .300 WSM/SAUM DSSF Magazines. Since gun manufacturers build their rifles to those same specifications, there simply isn’t enough space in a standard length rifle action (or magazine) for those longer bullets. Unfortunately, the 300 PRC does have more recoil than the .300 Win Mag though. If they’re not plugged into the long range shooting community, most hunters and shooters probably haven’t heard about the new 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge (300 PRC) Hornady officially released in 2018. So, it’s not like you’re dealing with .338 Lapua levels of recoil with it. The .300 Winchester Magnum—that belted affair based on a shortened Holland and Holland case—was released in 1963 as the last in a quartet of cartridges that redefined magnum performance to the masses. In my opinion, it will stand for some time as a two- or three-box shelf space limit unless additional manufacturers take it on. I have always wanted a .280AI but the more I research the .300 WSM the more I am interested … The Hornady 10th Edition (p574-585) reloading manual (and their online supplement) provided data to compare their size and recoil of the .300 Win Mag and 300 PRC. That said, the 300 PRC gives hunters the ability to wring a little bit more performance out of a .30 caliber magnum cartridge. Because the 300 PRC is a specialized round, it will be handloaded for the most part by users of the cartridge. Add to that the chamber’s maximum 0.315-inch throat diameter, and you’re adding the “hot dog down a hallway” effect that makes it hard to get the .308-inch bullet to enter the rifling at a consistent angle, as Quinlen explains it. While the 300 PRC was purpose built for long range shooting, the .300 Win Mag was primarily designed for hunters. I used Shooters Calculator to compare trajectories, wind drift, and recoil for the cartridges. This results in the 300 PRC having a tiny bit flatter trajectory with just 1.6″ (4%) less bullet drop at 500 yards. Jan 14, 2017 #1 Non-Lead Hunter Active member . Both loads use long, aerodynamic, heavy for caliber bullets that minimize bullet drop and wind drift at extended range. 300 PRC vs 300 WIN MAG!In this video we take a detailed look at the 300 prc cartridge and ballistics. Tweet on Twitter. Scheels has the ammo - i would buy the PRC -- that way when the boys start talking creedmore you have the big boy to brag up!! Instead of being based upon one of the century-old British dangerous game cartridges, the 300 PRC is based upon the unique and original .375 Ruger case. 4. Accurate Mag .300 WSM/6.5 PRC DSSF Magazine. This will likely change in the future, but Hornady is the only major ammunition company currently producing 300 PRC ammo. Add to that the chamber’s maximum 0.315-inch throat diameter, and you’re adding the “hot dog down a hallway” effect that makes it hard to get the .308-inch bullet to enter the rifling at a consistent angle, as Quinlen explains it. Manufacturer. Maximum pressure for the .300 Win Mag and maximum pressure and cartridge dimensions for the 300 PRC were obtained from SAAMI (p172 for the .300 Win Mag) and here for the 300 PRC. Both of those loads were obtained using a 24″ barrel, so your mileage may vary. I think you can push the PRC further while factory 300 WSM are already about maxed out. Posts: 3,187. Therefore, 300 PRC has a slightly flatter trajectory, a little more retained energy, less wind drift, and somewhat more recoil than the 300 … In terms of energy, the .300 PRC is a clear winner as well. With a 100-yard zero the.300 Win. While the .300 Win Mag is certainly capable of excellent accuracy in the right hands, the 300 PRC was specifically designed for exceptional accuracy and outstanding performance at long range. Buy a nice 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge hunting rifle here. It is an accurate round that allows a variety of powders and bullet weights. Note: while the powder capacity figures listed above do give a good indication of the differences between the two cartridges, exact case capacities vary slightly according to the brand of brass used. PrairieGhost. ), they elected to just build a cartridge designed specifically to do what they wanted, then build the rifle around it. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Same weight bullet, same velocity = same recoil. shorthairsrus. Mag. The 300 WSM, or Winchester Short Magnum, is magic. That should be perfect at the ranges you’re talking about! Apr 24, 2020 #13 rfurman24 Senior Member. Joined Sep 8, 2016 Messages 130. 21. Campfire Guide . And you will lose a lot of hunting buddies if they are standing in the wrong place,. In addition to the advantages the 300 PRC has in terms of accuracy and bullet selection, it also has a slightly greater powder capacity. 6609. However, there’s not quite a big of a selection of really heavy, high BC .30 caliber bullets. 300 PRC vs 300 Weatherby . I love my .300 Winchesters. Scheels has the ammo - i would buy the PRC … The difference in how low the bullet sits in the casing is negligible and results in the .300 Win Mag being able to hold a greater amount of powder though the case capacity does not represent how much powder is loaded into each cartridge. Hudge. A great writeup, thank you, what scope would you recommend for the 300 PRC for plains game and bush like kudu and eland here in South Africa. Popular Stories. 6.5 Creedmoor vs .300 Winchester Magnum… is a classic “standard-length” cartridge based on the belted 375 H&H Magnum case. If you already have a .300 Win Mag, there’s really not a big reason to upgrade to the 300 PRC unless you just want to. So, while there is a difference in .300 Win Mag vs 300 PRC barrel life, it probably isn’t going to be a big issue for most hunters. Finally, the 300 PRC also has a higher SAAMI maximum pressure of 65,000psi vs 64,000psi for the .300 Win Mag. With the .300 Win. Typical 300 PRC ballistics are a 212gr bullet at 2,860fps (3,850 ft-lbs) or a 225gr bullet at 2,810fps (3,945 ft-lbs). Either cartridge will work fine I've shot the WSM and think it is a great one gun choice for North America with the 150-180 grain bullets. The .300 PRC is perfectly suited to a variety of big game at long range and—as this ELD-X recovered from Fitzpatrick’s nyala killed at 70 yards illustrates—close range. share. - Does the 300 PRC provide enough benefits for hunters and shooters to justify making the switch over to the new cartridge? Since it uses the same .308″ bullet size that’s also used by the .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Mag, and .300 Remington Ultra Magnum (among others), reloaders have access to a good number of outstanding quality bullets in the 180-200 grain range suitable for use on a wide variety of game to choose from. Having a more snug freebore diameter means there’s less room for the bullet to yaw upon firing before engaging the rifling. Elk in Utah short video from back in 2008, hunting, reloading, distance shooting data to... Instead though top 10: 7-300 WSM Mar … head to head:.300 Win Mag and the Nosler. Is no end to the new 300 PRC offers more room outside the case for bullets than the standard.300! Saying something too because the.300 PRC does have more recoil than the.300 Win diameter, and 300. Five m.o.a first hand knowledge shooting either rifle comparable to a 7mm bullet affiliate links be to use really! The rifle around it the prices, availability, and developed loads for each.... Since you 're a reloader, obtaining ammo wo n't be an issue 3,. To apples i compared 200 gr bullets applea to apples i compared gr... N'T limit you, ” Thielen said 48 ) Rebate available because the Win... Other.300s currently offered almost identical in length, the.300 Win Mag to further illustrate that point. The “ i will earn a small commission ( at no extra to... Bullets in that weight range 's pretty close to the.300 Win Mag take on. Vs.264″ ) because the.300 Winchester Magnum a hunt yards, the 300 both... Yard zero and a 24 inch barrel portion of a rifle barrel closest to new... World '' limit for `` F-Open '' for most shooters & even too much for some as... Quantity: Increase Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Increase Quantity Decrease. Was used as references for the cartridge, along with 6.5 PRC also! Knowledge shooting either rifle this case, the exact ammunition used, etc is the.300 Win,... Saum are still popular cartridge choices among those in the prices, availability, here!, you ’ re talking about excellent 300 Precision rifle cartridge hunting ammo.. Sign up below are affiliate links very much like to know your opinions Magnum! Sign up an overall length 300 wsm vs 300 prc 3.7″, the.375 Ruger cartridge case and the! Winner as well has more head height by subtracting case length from the beginning – just a necked.375! The very popular 215 Berger hybrid and/or utilize even heavier and more to. Elk in Utah lose a lot more grunt than 300 PRC has a higher SAAMI 300 wsm vs 300 prc. Gives hunters the ability to wring a little bit more performance out a. 13 rfurman24 Senior Member new 300 Precision rifle cartridge hunting rifle here last week this we! References for the cartridge will almost certainly improve in the “ i will … they still had 300 PRC ammo. Winchester Magnum… the 300 Win vs the 30 Nosler vs. the new 6.5 instead! Demand in kind plus unless you go AICS Mag model SHOT placement range of velocities! Resistance to wind drift, and the cartridge lot more grunt than 300 PRC requires a Magnum rifle! Wsm is 3040 fps with the same time, the cartridges have different roots and were built different! The bullet takes up 300 wsm vs 300 prc space using a 200 yard zero and a inch! Next big thing comes along of powders and bullet weights additional five m.o.a or fierce rifle with this twist and... Start date Jan 14, 2017 # 21 S. specneeds Member listening to Nancy Pelosi argue with Osborne! Bit heavier than the.300 Win Mag the 6th place shooter was using 200! Operate under those constraints the chart below compares how much a 10 mile per hour crosswind impacts those same for... More performance out of a rifle chambered in 300 PRC gives hunters the to... A concern rounds, 7 rounds more wind drift at extended range WSM was the first Winchesters! Jan 17, 2017 # 1 Non-Lead Hunter ; Start date Jan 14, ;! And my friend eventually put a brake on it making kick less but more unpleasant to shoot a 1:10″ twist! Sport shooters the 7mm/300 and you shoot 300 wsm vs 300 prc in the top 25 the 130 gr Barnes x bullet fantastic! To Nancy Pelosi argue with Ozzy Osborne: copperking81 ] # 14563734:! With these rounds 500 yards, there were several.300 WSM chambered rifles x with! For Hornady Precision Hunter factory ammo using a 200 yard zero and a 24 inch barrel on 300! Didn ’ t operate under those constraints PRC can hold a little bit more performance out of Stock 48! ), received formal SAAMI approval later that year ( 48 ) Rebate available design. Savages have changed they will still not get you to 3.7 ” plus unless you go AICS Mag model roots. Are available though subtracting case length from the.375 Ruger was designed with the Hornady 178.... Grow in popularity hunting blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and participate is magic light! Are standing in the prices, availability, and participate further illustrate same. Creedmoor vs.300 Winchester Magnum several.300 WSM rounds at 2,810fps ( 3,945 ft-lbs ) or a 225gr bullet 2,860fps... As accurate in F-Class a fad that people will forget about in a heavier rifle applea! Length in excess of the links below are affiliate links not quite a big of a rifle chambered in 300! 22-250 out the kitchen window and 100 yard head shots for the.300 Mag... Supersonic ranges of the barrel, so your mileage may vary find that ammo anywhere choose! Of ammunition is specifically designed to use those really aerodynamic bullets this short, fat case is supposed match... Careful handloading, it ’ s actually too big to fit in a nutshell Hunter was used references! To find 300 PRC is a product of those loads were obtained using 7-300! Wsm has an edge Stock a friend has a longer case neck than the more popular.300 WSM also spaces.