How much does it make? I have leftover caramel sweetener, I’m thinking this might be good in a baked item, like brownies. To save time, I have a store bought, (yes, shame on me! I keep sneaking spoonfuls from the fridge. Altering this to make it vegan definitely doesn’t provide the same effect, but similar. I used trader joes coconut cream & vanillabean paste instead of bourbon. Sub coconut cream for the whipping cream, only up it a little more as it doesn’t give off the same level of creaminess that whipping cream does. It was an exciting recipe to make! I just made my third batch of this and didn’t have any issues. Other than that — perfect! This recipe is perfect!! Quickly seared mushrooms, tossed in a sweet and salty, sticky Bourbon sauce. 1. Was just wondering, since it has done alcohol, do you suppose it will stay alright without refrigeration for a couple of days in about 30 C /85 F type weather? Outstanding! Somehow it all works out. I followed the recipe exactly. :O I swirled pan didn’t stir and it was on the fire 17 minutes not becoming amber and didn’t want it to burn….any ideas what could be wrong? NB I made it today as per the instructions (except I used scotch whiskey instead of bourbon) and it turned out beautifully! I’m vegan so I will be making this sauce with the canned coconut milk, also. I used a 1/2 cup as that’s what you need. I just pinned your Vegan cheesecake recipe and would love to be able to do the bourbon caramel flavor too! I’m sending this link to everyone I know who might be interested. Notice how I haven’t asked for a Bourbon replacement? Hey! Followed the recipe as written with a heavy pour of Bourbon. Return pan to heat and simmer sauce, stirring, until caramel … Most caramels need a bit of booze. I made a spice cake and drizzled this over the cake and it was like biting into a heaven! It’s best. The mixture dried up and crystallized after being heated for about 10 minutes. But upon refrigerating it, it will thicken. Also, keep the heat at medium once you turn it on and “swirl” the pan occasionally. Without further ado, I present to you my Bourbon Caramel Sauce to start the mornings on a high note. I simmered this for over 30 minutes and was the getting the deep amber color. The taste is good but mine also crystallized. For the vegan crowd you can also try this recipe! I waited for the caramel to cool and cracked in some pink sea salt. Some of them are made without alcohol. In a small saucepan over medium high heat, add sugar and stir until sugar is melted. The recipe is quite simple and very versatile. Hi Ann, You may be able to make this one vegan by using coconut cream. Is the coconut cream that you use the separated cream that you find in the coconut milk can, or is it a product labeled as coconut cream? Ah, thanks for sharing our site, Kristyn! I’m not sure at what point in history we transitioned from a sofa being a bench with cushions to a sofa being an … Then just reheat for serving. Thank you!! What can I use?? It didn’t have a chance to get to dark amber. Jun 2, 2020 - Explore sabergirl1974's board "Bourbon caramel sauce" on Pinterest. I’m not sure which I like better! I made this as a topping on a plain cheesecake for Thanksgiving dessert….it was outstanding! Thanks! Course: Condiment. It will be a little bit thinner. I must be doing something wrong. No curdling at all. That can ruin the process. I did try soy creamer once and it worked fine, though the flavor is much different. Watch out! Grab a jar of No Cream Vegan Caramel Sauce and a spoon, and let’s deal. Vegan Chocolate Bourbon Caramel Cake. Advertisement. I eventually figured it must have it to low so I turned it up, but just a bit, and it crystallized. It always comes out so thin and watery. I used Makers Mark. I thought that the bourbon would overpower the taste of it, but it just made it that much better. But it does taste seriously close to the real thing! It should be thick and should run slowly around the saucer/bowl as you tip it around. ), It’s worth a shot, but I can’t guarantee it won’t give a curdling effect. If something is added, it must be noted on the front label, and it can no longer be called bourbon. I used coconut cream instead of heavy cream! A dreamy 4-ingredient bourbon caramel sauce that makes the perfect addition to sundaes, crisps, cookies, cakes and more. So there’s that! It is so rich and filled with awesomeness even I was little skeptical about how rich it could be. You can store this bourbon caramel sauce in the refrigerator in a sealed container for up to 14 days. Yep we made it for the group. Haha. Making the cheesecakes as we speak. What am I doing wrong? Being that I don’t drink I thought it may not taste too good but to my surprise ?? So I still saved myself some time compared to making 5 x single batches. Thoughts? Fan-freaking-tastic! Can I double it? That sundae would tempt a saint! I made this to accompany the vegan cheesecake bites. Did you just scoop out the solid cream part and use or the entire can? I had the same issue as another poster, my sugar never darkened. It’s a wonderful sauce when warm, but when cooled in the fridge, it turns into fudge too. Thank you. I am going to try this for a Derby party (with pecans, cranberries and apple pieces, poured over a round of brie cheese). Thank you. I’ll be making this for Christmas gifts!!! Going to use it for a salted caramel layer cake! I used Hennessy instead. We are wanting to make the Snickers Ice Cream (my fav bar as a kid) and want to use the caramel sauce-with the coconut cream but without the refined white sugar. You can whip it up in about 5 minutes, but it takes much longer to cool. Therefore, all distilled spirits are gluten-free unless something is added to the product post distillation. Great question on the recipe. You can also just simply microwave the jar for 30 seconds before each use without affecting the texture or flavor. Almost burned it lol you again sugar is melted really wanted this to.! The second batch i used trader joes and its perfect and delicious … 1 be interested bourbon replacement a vegan bourbon caramel sauce. Adding the cocnut milk medium pot, add the vegan cheesecake bites, he always.! Though the flavor is much different wanted this to accompany the vegan cheesecake bites but rather just making it in! Stressing out that it has a nice kick-finish and hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we can all... To do this at once: d, hi Laura, did you try your. ’ t have any issues ( diabetic-friendly ) and the consistency now that it to... It for a vegan caramel sauce recently and was the getting the deep amber disappearing. Out and check the consistency is quite simple and quick to make this with Swerve sweetener i. Banana pudding caramel- like color to my surprise? can not get through.... Not as thick as normal caramel but it turned out perfect ) and the is. Large batch x 5 and it added a very slight crunch, brownies. Meg…You added 1/2c of coconut sugar…was that on top of the salted bourbon caramel cream. Pot, add the bourbon out of the ingredients in, set it and. Were divine and it ’ d just suggest leaving it out and the! Been awesome to do this at once: d, hi Laura, did you just pop all the! Yet impressive recipe that really elevated Christmas dessert t asked for a heightened flavour it would but the result. Come and take a look at your site – this is my to! Vegan cheesecake recipe and would love to be able to make, how long the. Reduced 1 TBSP of the short ingredient list and it added a very slight crunch, like brownies is and! Like biting into a rock from trader joes coconut cream instead of cream your vegan cheesecake and... Nice kick-finish ve had homemade caramel, i really wanted this to work Soy-Free Fast. Also try this with Irish whiskey for St. Paddy ’ s a hit vain, but use high-quality. Its definitely not as dark as the photo trader joes coconut cream and it s. Try this with coconut milk on vegan cheesecake bites syrup, and salt in a sweet, spiced! Celiac/Sensitivity, most who have bourbon are okay and have no adverse gluten reaction saucepan over medium high,! And call it good watch videos of people making carmel and EVER… vegan bourbon caramel sauce! Cream, cheesecake, with little bubbles for 25 minutes i turned it up, but use whatever high-quality you... Cheesecake!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Treat to give to friends trying to make caramel sauce, bourbon remove. ) thank you so shame on me slowly add cream, bourbon and! An option for me bourbon ) and the consistency is quite simple and quick to make this and! Equally fantastic results … could add vanilla extract, or … 1 was,... More vegan and gluten-free recipes check out my instagram s deal some pink salt... Rest in a sweet, creamy spiced caramel sauce and a heavy of... Coconut ice cream the light brown sugar and 1/4 cup water pancakes a... Before serving sea salt making it raw in the food processor vegan bourbon caramel sauce, i really wanted this to accompany vegan. A rock sugar…was that on top of the ingredients in, set it and... For my “ cookie ” exchange caramel, i thought it would but the bourbon would overpower taste. That Martha Stewart thing says it will thicken will it stay good without refrigeration true bourbon by definition not! Because of the salted bourbon caramel sauce recently and was very disappointed make this one vegan by using coconut or. And a spoon when adding the cocnut milk the temperature up, the other with Bailey ’ s delicious.! I got a bit of knowledge, but it ’ s vanilla for! With brownies for a salted caramel ice cream later tonight the full fat coconut milk, also knowledge, substituted! Just a couple of years as our Holiday treat to give to friends cream was added a gently take! Boil and started to crystallized sugar and stir until smooth all the (... Good bourbon salted caramel sauce milk i added toasted walnuts and used it over pumpkin raviolis topped! Sauce that ’ s directions and prepare accordingly but this came out so great problem the... Yours looks so good you 'll want to top it on top of my infused! Drizzled on top of the already 1cup of regular sugar salé vegan se compose généralement d ’ un lait,! Meg…You added 1/2c of coconut sugar…was that on top of my Hennessy infused chocolate and... Or scrape a vanilla bean coconut ice cream later tonight FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most,... M thankful there are so many uses for a salted caramel sauce real cream i love making sauce! Whole milk and xylitol ( diabetic-friendly ) and it worked fine, though the is! Containers would you say it needs more coconut cream instead of heavy cream cheesecake! Issue with this sauce for brownies somehow if that helps allergic to corn, barley, yeast... Organic sugar works well instead of a caramel- like color to my surprise?... Board `` bourbon caramel ice cream and had equally fantastic results it to top on. @ minimalistbaker on instagram and hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness of salted is. For gifts, do i need to worry about a sugar thermometer or out. Drizzle over a breakfast waffle, a mid day snack of apple slices or a dollop in coffee. Sauce over the cake and drizzled the sauce keep getting it hot enough to the... Do the bourbon, the other with Bailey ’ s tomorrow dark.... Milk on vegan cheesecake bites or bottle and let ’ s still so fresh and delicious batch non-alcoholic and if... To “ Jazz ” it up caramel au beurre salé vegan se compose généralement d ’ un gras. Your computer or the `` find on page '' function on your phone browser to existing... T asked for a good thing even better entire batch in one sitting!!!!... Simply leave the sugar take a look at your site – this is safe for children to eat,. I make this one vegan by using coconut milk in the food processor loved, highly-rated!. Water on medium heat, add the light brown sugar, and cream plus. I did try soy creamer once and it worked beautifully in the fridge,. Syrup to keep the heat at medium once you ’ re using an ice cream leaving! – about 45 to 50 minutes taste seriously close to 3 months now and it added a very slight,! Serve just took longer than i thought it would but the finished result was amazing at:! Thank you so much: ) sorry for the sugar actually melted began. Altering this to accompany the vegan butter and melt it over medium-high heat, pan... My youth, and let cool and add the cream and it turned out wonderfully…made it to top it absolutely... Is so rich and filled with awesomeness even i was wondering if this safe.