Toss together Parmesan, panko, parsley, and garlic in a bowl. These spinach bites can be packed into a container for a fun lunch or served at a party for a healthier alternative to regular appetizers. Create tbsp. Firstly, add all the dry ingredients (Parmesan Cheese, Almond Flour, Garlic Powder, Salt and Pepper, and Italian Seasoning) into a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly. Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until lightly browned. We love preparing and freezing them ahead of time; your guests will love them served hot or cold as an appetizer or side dish! Cook in the top half of the oven until firm to the touch, about 20 to 25 minutes. In a large bowl, combine the spinach, the onion, the breadcrumbs, the butter, the eggs, the garlic powder, the pepper, and the Parmesan cheese. 20 Min(s) Cook. Drain on kitchen paper and serve either warm or cold. Shape into 1-1/2-in. Shape into 1-1/2-in. Regan, Once A Month Meals 4 Servings. To serve, arrange the spinach balls on plates, pour melted butter around and sprinkle with Parmesan. Spinach parmesan balls | food network recipe. Beefy Spinach-Parmesan Meatballs . In a separate shallow dish, combine the bread crumbs and other 1/4 cup of parmesan. Heat oven to broil with oven rack 4 inches from heat. Learn how to cook great Spinach parmesan balls | food network . Shape into 20 balls (about 1 1/4 inches); place on prepared baking sheet. Prepare and bake spinach balls as directed; cool completely. baking pan. Take out of the pan and drain on kitchen paper. Shape into 60 (1-1/2-inch) balls. 12 ounces fresh spinach, (see Note) 1/2 cup part-skim ricotta cheese, or low-fat cottage cheese. Get one of our Parmesan spinach balls recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. Shape the mixture into 1 inch balls. Crumble in the feta, mix well. How to Make Spinach Stuffing Balls. In a bowl, combine eggs, stuffing mix, butter, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. balls; place in an ungreased 15x10x1-in. So I’m not sure if it’s the whole Daylight Savings thing and losing the hour sleep or if I just have a lot of other things on my mind. 2. Since they’re made with Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs I like to serve them with marinara sauce. For the meatballs: In a large bowl, add meatball ingredients and combine together using a large fork or your hands. sized balls of the mixture (like drop cookie size.) Place a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray. baking pan. 4 Servings. Squeeze the excess water from the spinach and put it in a large mixing bowl. Place the balls closely together on a baking sheet. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well by hand. * Form the mixture into 1-inch balls, either by hand or with a small ice cream scoop. x 10-in. deliver fine selection of quality Spinach parmesan balls | food network recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. Learn how to cook great Parmesan spinach balls . When cool, squeeze the liquid out, mass the greens on a cutting board and chop finely. Baked Parmesan Spinach Balls December 26, 2017 By FULLforLife. Season with salt and pepper. or until heated through. No holiday around here is complete without these Spinach Balls with Parmesan…an old family favorite updated and ketofied! Spinach Balls with Broccoli & Parmesan… So as I’m sitting here trying to get my thoughts together and share with you just how wonderful these Broccoli Parmesan Spinach Balls are, my mind just seems to keep wandering.. Wilt the greens in a hot dry skillet, in two batches (due to volume). Shallow-fry the spinach balls in olive oil until golden on each side, about 4-5 minutes per side. Garnish with basil. Read More. The spinach balls recipe I grew up on was super easy to throw together because it contained Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Mix, which provided the bulk of flavor in one mix. Bake at 350° for 12-15 minutes or until lightly browned. Parmesan Spinach Balls - Dump and Go Dinner. balls; place in an ungreased 15-in. When ready to serve, thaw in refrigerator. x 1-in. Add all the other ingredients and mix well. Place in freezer-weight resealable plastic bags; freeze up to 3 months. The Cook. Shape the mixture into 1 ½-inch balls. Even folks who don't like spinach seem to like these meatballs. Mix. Roll the mixture into little balls the size of walnuts. Gradually drop the spinach balls into 2 L of boiling, lightly salted water and simmer very gently over a low heat for 6-8 minutes, until they rise to the surface. 2 large eggs, beaten. In a medium bowl, mix the frozen chopped spinach, Italian-style seasoned bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, butter, green onion, eggs, salt and pepper. Place in the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes. If you can make a meatball, you can make these stuffing balls! Eat hot or cold. Add the stuffing, eggs, onion powder, garlic powder and 1/4 cup of parmesan to the spinach. Those spinach balls are very versatile depending very much on the cheese you are using. Preparation. Might have something to do with the power of Parmesan and marinara sauce. 10 Ingredients. Parmesan Spinach Balls - Dump and Go Dinner. In a bowl, combine eggs, stuffing mix, butter, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Begin by preheating the oven to 350 F. PREP TIME 10 Min COOK TIME 15 Min READY IN 25 Min 1/2 cup finely shredded Parmesan cheese, plus more for garnish.