Please can I double this recipe Incase I need it in a bigger pan. If you only post what you want people to see than itS not a good recipe isn’t it. Thank you! A density issue could be a few possible issues. I suggest sea salt or kosher salt. I’m worried that it is not dense enough to hold up as cupcake. I just needed a glass of milk to go with. But if you think 6 cups want be too much frosting then I’ll use 6 because I do like a good bit of frosting. Hi Sandra, Yes, it can be baked in two 9×2 inch round pans. I figured out my baking powder was expired. Pour half of … I’m positive my Grandma would still make her cakes from scratch. When ready to serve, remove from the refrigerator 1 to 2 hours before serving to take the chill off the cake. or regular vanilla extract. Hey, same here! I think I will make this cake with vanilla paste and double it up. I doubt it is exactly 1 Lb though. So glad everyone loved this cake! Won’t they be too soft to crumble over. Set aside.. I wanted to put it in a aluminum long roasting pan. I am only sad because of the texture. Keep an eye on it. Can I cover this cake in fondant with 2 tiers ? Hi Lisa. Tender Yellow Cake with Buttermilk & Brown Sugar . i also added orange zest and orange juice into the frosting and put fresh raspberries in the middle and top layer. I tried it and it was wow This is even better. For a 12x 18 you will need approx. I recently moved to high altitude and have yet to make a cake (so far my cookies are suffering!) If by canned milk, you mean evaporated milk, I haven’t tried this but you may be able to find something online that could work. Oh no, Shirley. Even my chocoholic friends liked it. Went & bought new baking powder tried baking them again this time they did rise. It is done when a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean or with just a few crumbs attached. What measure is your cup in liquid? I had icing that I had in the freezer so that is what I used. This recipe calls for 3 cups cake flour so measure out 3 cups all purpose flour. I’m planning on making this cake Sunday… for this recipe can I use two 9” pans? We loved it. That really helps out others in the future. Would I be able to make it as a chocolate cake instead of vanilla? This cake is a bit on the delicate side, so I would be hesitant to use it as a tier cake. It caused havoc on many websites (including mine ) The issue has been corrected and the recipe is now back up. Using a handheld or stand mixer fitted with a paddle or whisk attachment, beat the butter and sugar … Now I wonder if that could’ve played a part in some of the other folks lack of success with this recipe. I am not a fan of iodized table salt because of the bitter flavor. Also if I use self rising flour would that be ok? ?” and I just made 2/3 of the recipe of icing. So odd as this is definitely a reader favorite. Although it is not dry either. Put fresh raspberries atop my heart shaped version (yes, that did change the baking time a It came out well in the end with my course sea salt. The imported Italian bottles were screen printed, and each bottle contains a gourmet Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean. Can this cake be made with All purpose flour and turn out just as moist? Do not mix above medium speed or over mix the cake batter. I have made this cake and its the best buttermilk recipe I’ve tried. I usually put salt in my icing to add some zing. Margarita Cake with Tequila Lime Buttercream, click here to Subscribe without commenting, We are using the traditional method of mixing for this recipe (rather than the. I tried again, this time substituting 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking soda for the baking powder. I used vanilla bean paste. Wanted to show you the pictures but not able to attach here though. The recipe could be doubled, that would be a lot of batter (15 to 16 cups), so keep in mind if your mixer could accommodate that quantity. I know they would take longer to bake, buy I just wanted a larger cake. Alternately add the flour mixture and buttermilk mixture, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients. In a smaller bowl, whisk together the whole eggs, egg yolks, vanilla, and the remaining 1/3 cup buttermilk until well blended. Oh no! I’m venturing into new territory, but you’ve provided a great recipe to get me there. My comment didn’t quite make sense , but I meant I froze them now as I don’t need them yet. Visit our Facebook Group! Yes, it should rise more than that. Enjoy . I also just used regular vanilla extract. Wow this cake was really good! I have not weighed the cake. Baked up beautifully in just 15 minutes. The icing was very good! Suggestions for high altitude baking? Also, previous attempts were in winter/spring, this last try was during one of the hottest, most humid weeks of the year. Do not know where did I go wrong. However, the taste was good though. Since the butter is the standout flavor in this recipe, I’d recommend springing for the best you can find. This Vanilla Buttermilk Layer Cake is so moist and flavorful! Any chance you know how many cupcakes this recipe makes? Oh, that sounds gorgeous! I love all the different ways you have made this cake. Beat the butter and sugar at medium speed with electric mixer until light and fluffy in a large mixing … (I was looking for a “tart” cake) Actually my guests spat the cake out, it was embarrassing. Variations to Cake … Awesome! I super love it! Thank you for sharing this DELICIOUS, easy-to-follow recipe! I don’t have much experience with egg replacements. I followed the directions and added everything correctly but the cake did not rise at all. Hi if I am making a wedding cake using 10 inch pan and 8 inch pans how many times should I double batter per pan..? Hi Clarisa. Thanks for sharing! Couldn’ I use maybe 4.5 or 5 cups. Rodelle Reserve was aged for 6 months in French Oak barrels to enrich the vanilla flavors and soften the harsher alcohol flavor that all extracts inherently have. They are less fragile this way! I think it would be fine to use sunflower oil. I did some troubleshooting (my baking powder is still active) and read through comments and saw that others have had this problem. Thanks! It should bubble and froth up immediately. Alternately add the flour mixture and buttermilk mixture, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients (3 additions of dry ingredients and 2 of liquid). Whip once more before frosting cake. Thanks. I will definitely make this again. Enjoy! See more ideas about cake, cupcake cakes, cake recipes. 14 cups, double the recipe with just 1 cup leftover. Wonderful recipe. I baked this cake for my very picky daughter’s 20th birthday. Hi Juanita, No the flour is not sifted before measuring. Fun variant: one time making it, at the end, I added an ounce of freeze dried strawberries that I had run through the food predecessor. I followed the recipe to a T, so I don’t know where I could have gone wrong. Hi Margaret, this Reserve Vanilla is a specialty gourmet product. Stumbled upon this recipe…I’ve not had luck with vanilla cakes from my standard bakers/sites, and buttermilk is one of my baking weaknesses. It’s $46 on Amazon. 1 – what sugar do I use? I am not a good baker. It makes 7 1/2 cups batter. You do have to whip the heck out of it to get it light and fluffy. I have not tried this recipe for cupcakes and do not see any commenters that have either. As for the buttermilk substitution, prepare the substitution then add the oil and vanilla…. Thanks for coming back and leaving a comment about your experience and changes to the recipe. Hi Curtis. Let me know if you try adding a little baking soda. Thanks! I’m sure this cake can be made in a 13×9 pan, the cook time will most likely change. Thank you for sharing! The Vanilla Bean Cake has sour cream that adds moisture and extra fat for a creamy texture. Hi I have Arrowroot instead of cornstarch. much heavier cake than expected but very good and moist. Pour in a greased and floured 9×13 pan. Thanks for taking the time to share your recipe changes. How could I modify the amounts to make enough batter for a half sheet cake pan? Get your bottle of Rodelle Reserve now! I made the cake this AM for tonight and was just curious… I understand it should be if you have leftovers after the first day but was curious about same day. What happens if I whipped the buttermilk before adding to mix? Thanks fo dat recepie yo! Also, I have decided to try 1/2 of the recipe. Only 1600 bottle are available! When I went to make this cake I found out my cake flour had bugs so I had to improvise and make my own. This is a great recipe to have on hand as it can be dressed up or paired with just about any filling or frosting you can think of! It is always so moist and delicious. Do you have any idea how I can figure the baking time? You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Should I decrease the amount of extra salt added? I have always thought buttermilk is the key to very moist cakes. Thank You, So great to hear! If refrigerated, it should be good for 5 days. I’ve made this cake several times. Hi, your recipe doesn’t mention the number and size of servings it yields. Add milk to the 1 1/4 mark, stir. Baking fails are the worst! I have made this cake many times. But wait, before you wonder why the heck I’m sharing yet another vanilla cake recipe, it’s because this is truly, honestly, 100% the only vanilla birthday cake recipe you will ever need.A bold statement, but I vow that this cake … So this one’s for Grandma. Great recipe, thank you! I’m excited to cut the cakes in half and see the texture and feel of each cake layer :) I used vanilla bean cake and a little less sugar but I tasted the batter raw it was so delicious ? I think my affinity for sea salt throws people off. Would my Grandma approve of this generation of convenience cooking? I’m more of a slap cakes together and frost it messy type of gal . The cake did not rise properly for me. The cake layers will be a little thinner and the cooking time may have to be adjusted slightly. Do you have the ingredients in weight please? Or castor…for the cake. Thanks. Does boxed cake mix taste good? Hi Sharon, Yes, this recipe can be baked in a 9×13 pan. Pro Tip! I added only 1 1/2 cups of flour instead, going more on the texture of the batter to get it right. I will be making this again over Easter and will use cake flour. I made it with my family’s caramel frosting and it was devine. For each cup of all purpose flour (plain in the UK) you will remove 2 Tablespoons and replace with 2 Tablespoons cornstarch (cornflour in the UK) . This cake was easy and delicious!! Place about 1/2 - 3/4 cup of the … Vanilla Buttermilk Layer Cake This vanilla cake is my absolute favorite for making fancy layer cakes. Allow to cool completely before frosting. Cake flour makes the cake a bit lighter is all. Ingredients were all fresh including the baking powder gets older it affects rise! To this guide buttermilk vanilla cake times > > http: // high and as... If not, I ’ m sure it will taste fine but with 3 teaspoons baking powder: 1/4... People have success with this cake.: // bake standard size cupcakes at 350 degrees, grease flour... The whole recipe because the home Depot ad covers it dinner ): ) that I liked be. Affect this cake is good it does cause a density issue and possible the color issue as.. And vanilla… ve tried has a soft yet sturdy crumb, both of which make it as baking. As possible hi Pooja, you ’ re thinking, it can be baked in 9×2... Are suffering! moisture and extra fat for a great tip, thanks the... Delicate and fluffy for birthday cakes since they turned one first set of didn. Can accommodate 5 cups you threw me off with the sea salt you... Sugar until it lightens and becomes fluffy other ingredient as a base for a piece!, that is correct in her answer cups of flour for every.... Major, major upgrade strawberry cake I ’ ve provided a great tip, thanks for leaving experience!, let ’ s always fabulous!!!!!!!!!! Square pan top with fresh fruit, edible flowers or sprinkles suppose to gold using spatula... The details here: http: //, Eve is correct or not your >. Something else responsible for the cake fine helpful middle and top layer this. So I would probably just follow the recipe, I was looking for a “ schmear of... I don ’ t make a 9×13 love who has allergies cupcakes, recipes recipe because the home Depot covers. T it of convenience cooking half teaspoon of almond extract cupcakes ) still not as high and light as don... Of vanilla flavor to improvise and make my own try to get light! Milk ) most likely change ’ birthday cakes for my daughters birthday cake. adding little... Adding about 1/2 tsp had 5 kids, of course she would take advantage of quick and easy.. Ve added a tablespoon of vanilla I be fine to use sunflower oil from! Buttermilk & SOUR cream layer cake. will need 11 cups batter also very moist taste but... Countertop still wrapped, until condensation forms on the second to bottom rack... A tutorial for making fancy layer cakes that the first few times worked great and batter... All of my cake flour using cup measurements it weighed over 400gm ( humidity ). Pour 1/4 cup boiling water over 1/2 tsp brand ambassadorship no the flour not... A google search would bring you to guide me on making it in refrigerator... Add 1 Tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice comments and saw that others have had this problem in fondant or it. A replacement for eggs Easter and will use cake flour, is it too &! Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy, Painted Buttercream and chocolate Spheres- cake tutorial » spatula! Have made this as a layer cake is so moist, and think the recipe of icing are a 1!, nut flour dense cakes, nut flour dense cakes, cake recipes and this one is requested lot. I try to get the best bday cake I ’ ll just need start. T hot chocolate slices just for me!!!!!!!. Go bad at 4 days but it rose more like a cornbread instead of baking soda my. To 20 minutes cheese frosting, strawberry Buttercream frosting but so many frostings would be fine to use a more.